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Tuesday, 07 July 2009


Karen P

I know that you are blogged out, but your fan club would love to see a couple pictures from the kids' birthday party. :)


Holy crap--I have a picture of Nathan that looks JUST LIKE these kiddos. Let me dig it out and I'll email it to you.

Jill Bartlett

This is a great picture. So cute. And boy can I relate to the PPD. Thanks for being so honest. We need more people like you out there.

Love your blog, my friend. :)


If it's any consolation - I feel the same way about my first 8 months home with my son from Ethiopia. omg. Can't even remember it. Have to look at pics and video to remind myself I was actually there.

You had 3. Good grief. Bless your tired heart!


Hey there- Completely agree with your Mom, Jessica! (And, here I was thinking that the picture was of the girls!!) You are 100% right that one's memory is a "little fuzzy" after having a baby. I had a really, really hard time after having both boys, especially after the birth of Michael. I shudder right now, just thinking about those few weeks after giving birth to him-- and to think you were going through those feelings times THREE! Glad you're blogging again- you're my favorite blogger out there... : )


With only one, the blur is always present in my mind. Sometimes I wonder how much these brains of ours can retain. Even if my brain doesn't retain it, my blog does.

I had no idea you were experiencing so much back then. I would have so been up your butt and in your face had I known. Just know now that I am here and plan to be here for a long time. Maybe I can even help to clear up some of that fuzziness from time to time.

Your Mom

This is the best blog EVER!!! It is so healthy for you to talk about the craziness and emotions of that time and the time the girls were born, and the time Noelle was sick and the time Jen died, and the time Jon got cancer, etc., etc. Sppppiiiitttt it out, Junior. I can't believe JEVAN were that small and chubby. I can only imagine the fuzz you feel ~ I had Jen and you one at a time and your childhoods are a blur to me. The old saying "I blinked my eyes and you guys were grown" is painfully true. Keep taking photos and blogging ~ it is the best way to remember. I love you, baby.

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