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Tuesday, 27 October 2009



I do not believe that God "let" this baby suffer or die. Going back to Adam and Eve, God gave us autonomy. God set forth rules for us to live by, but every individual makes the choice to be good or bad, helpful or unhelpful. In this same way, I believe that our bodies have a certain amount of autonomy that God chose not to control. The reason behind this is that by coming to God and following Him of our own free will, our allegiance to Him is so much stronger than if we were forced to be followers. I believe God grieves over the loss of this baby as much as the parents and others do. And I believe that God will provide comfort and solace to those that seek Him.


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Just a few thoughts...and a link that touched me.
When I wonder why suffering happens I think about the immense suffering that Jesus Christ suffered for all of us as he atoned for our sins and he felt all our heartaches and sadnesses and sicknesses and trials. He wants us to turn to him in our suffering, he wants us to feel his love, because he knows exactly what we are feeling...he's been there. Maybe without suffering we wouldn't know how to help others, our hearts wouldn't be open to his love or to giving love to others who may go through the same thing and may need us. We would never be humble enough and thankful to our God who gave us life and gives us everything.
Here is the link, just a short video clip.



Yes, circumstances like these are when I really cry out to God. They shake my faith, and that upsets me because I want to be a person of unshakeable faith. I ultimately have to force myself to come to terms with the fact that on this earth we know in part and we see in part, but one day we will know fully and see fully. These are some of the hardest times to trust God- when he simply does not makes sense. When he does not do what we think he should do. The one thing I have learned of his character over the years is that whatever feelings we feel, he feels them exponentially so much more, so I think of how he must be grieving over this sad loss, the lifetime of pain for this family, and how in this particular situation, the greatest good was to be found in taking this sweet baby boy home to heaven. You and this family will be in my prayers.


You're right, each person in our lives is a gift, as is each day. Hold on to hope, have faith, be strong in your love.

Terri Jaecklein

Jesser, I'm sorry you're struggling so much with this. Faith, as life, is a journey. It's alot easier to believe in God when things are good than when they suck. The reason for Matthew's suffering may never be apparent to you or, for that matter, his parents while you're on this earth. (I still wonder why he took Jen and why she suffered.) But, try to believe that someday the answer will be clear for everyone that is suffering through this tragedy. It is called FAITH for a reason. I love you, baby girl.


It is reason's like this that I began to question my faith, my God. I think that I'm coming to the conclusion, one that saddens me, that there really might not be a God because if there is one that would do this. Why do I want to serve him. This and so many other reasons have put me on a search and what I am finding is not what I expected. You and your neighbors will be in my thoughts. I would say prayers but really I would be lying, I not lying when I say I will think about you all and hope you are doing ok.

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