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Tuesday, 10 November 2009



Hello, I came across here,surprise two set of identical multiple :). They are so cute.


You are an engaging writer, I don't have kids so I have no idea how I could have stumbled across your blog but I keep coming back. I love to hear your parenting stories, making me realise that if I do one day have children, I too can be a perfectly successful mother; just by being there and by making the decisions as I see them. You've totally widened my horizons and educated me about autism, in such a gentle and engaging way. I hope you keep writing, but I am a blogger myself and I know that real life can sometimes get in the way - so only write if you are writing for you, don't do it for us.


Don't fade. I'd miss you, and you're too bright and colorful to be faded. I love your blog, and I love you, and I love hearing about your kids, your perspectives on parenting, the challenges I have ahead with my four (soon to be five) monkeys of my own, your grace and humour in the face of... well, the hand that you and I were dealt. :)

That probably wasnt the specific kind of answer you were looking for, was it? I never said I played by the rules! I haven't had much blogging inspiration lately either (at least not for chezperky), so I totally understand the need to re-group and figure out your place in the blogosphere.


Hi Jess. I like reading your entries. Keeps me up to date as far as what is happening down there. Miss you guys! Wish I could be there with Matt.


hi, georgia here..I came across your site when my husband had hogkin's. I used to email Jon with questions..many of them! His site helped me soooooooo much. Tell him Ray is doing well. He's had clean pet scans so far. I get on your 5 little monkeys site all the time to see how things are going. It's like watching your children gown up. I have a 6 year old grandson so I can identify somewhat.


Don't fade! Like everyone else, I just like hearing about what is going on in your life...challenges, celebrations (even the day to day triumphs), the daily grind... You are a beautiful writer.

Lady Mama

Just stopped by your blog for the very first time!! I always love to read about other MoM's. :) Was it "easier" having twins after having triplets? I've got toddler twins and one more on the way, everyone tells me it'll be so much "easier" this time around - I'm not so sure!! :)


I just write about whatever comes to mind while raising my family... that's what I like to read, too... other people's trials, rejoicing and adventures


I feel the same way. I have a list of things that have happened over the past year that I plan to blog about - but never seem to find time. Then the task seems so daunting. I say don't worry about the 'list' and when you find time to blog tell us about what's happening this week :)

I enjoy the stories about kids and life and learning from the challanges and fun in everyday life.


Blog about whatever YOU want. It is your blog, after all. I enjoy hearing about your family since I have triplets the same age as your twins. If you want to talk about what happened today or 3 months ago, just do it. You don't OWE anyone anything. I would love to hear about your summer if you feel like writing about it, but I would be just as happy hearing about what happened 2 hours ago. I've always enjoyed reading about you and your family.


Well, you know I'll track you down wherever you are, but I know a lot of people enjoy reading about your experiences with multiples and with autism. What if you opened up another question thing and answered questions from readers again?

Karen P

It always makes me smile when I see that you've written a new post. Your openness and directness are very appealing. Why don't you write whatever speaks to you? I know I find it interesting.

Shelly Schmelzle

Just de-lurking to say that I love to hear about your daily life with two sets of multiples. I have two preschoolers who are 7 1/2 months apart so I feel like I have a set of multiples and it's nice to know that I'm not alone in the craziness. In my professional life I worked exclusively with families of children who were on the autism spectrum and I love hearing about your boys and their successes. I just want to read anything that you want to post. No pressure on you. I just enjoy reading anything you want to share!!


I just like hearing about daily life from time to time. I have a toddler and twins so it's nice to read about other families with multiples. Check in when you can. I do the same with my blog.


I just enjoy reading about your life with your gorgeous family. Don't stop!


I still check in several times a week! I love to hear your stories of the children, of your pets, even about the garden! Please don't wrap things up. I'll miss you!


Noooo don't go! Life gets crazy and busy, blog when you feel like it. I'll be here waiting in the meantime. :)

Kelly A.

You are an engaging writer and I enjoy reading about anything you have to say!!


You were one of the first blogs I've ever read and I find you to be such an excellent writer! I've also met Karen through you and would love to meet you one day, too! So *please* don't stop blogging!

I have no idea how I even found your blog but I remember the first entry I read was when you wrote about your sister. That really touched home for me as I had recently lost my father when I had read your post. I could relate so well to what you were going through. I could also relate to the ups & downs you write about when describing your (gorgeous) kids. I felt like I could actually feel your strength when describing Jack and Evan's autism... I remember what a touching post that was, too.

I find raising one kid extremely challenging (and usually great fun) so it's nice to hear about an amazing mother raising 5 kids... and living to tell the stories. =)

Hope this all makes sense... and I really hope you keep writing. I've really missed your posts!

Chrisitna W

You can't fade on me yet, I am just in the swing of things with multiples! Dont leave me hanging pllllleeeeaassseee!

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