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Friday, 16 November 2007



I'm speechless, but just wanted to be present.


The one-year anniversary of the onset of Roxanne's seizures/first hospitalization was in October, and I wrote a similar post. I'm so glad Noelle is doing so well. My blog: http://talentedhands2.blogspot.com/


Your family is amazing and very inspiring. Hope you enjoy the holidays this year! God Bless you, your hubbie, and your 5 little monkeys.


Glad that everything worked out for you!!

Beautiful Slideshow of your little girl!!!


You have been through so much...I can see why you are such a strong woman, and I know you have the truest form of love for your beautiful children. They are blessed to have you Jess.


Your story brought me to tears as well. I remember how scared I was for you, your sweet baby, and your family when all that happened. I was so relieved when she improved!

I am also haunted by scary memories. It's been over a year since my then 2-year-old nearly died from a massive internal hemorrhage. I still feel sick remembering it. I don't know if a mother ever completely gets over something like that.

Thank you for sharing your story!

Melissa :)


Amazing... a year, lots of prayers, and an enormous amount of strength. You were never alone for a minute... we were always there with you, in our thoughts and prayers. Praying for a miracle and here she is, God bless, Noelle. She is the image of beauty and strength. Thanks for sharing this wonderful part of your family with us. As always, Love-


My girls are asleep and it's all I can do to keep from running up the stairs to grab them out of their crib and snuggle & love them all night long!!!
You are such an inspiration...I cannot say it enough!! And I love Noelle's little widow's peak (my Chayse has one, too!)
You have a beautiful family :)


Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm so thankful that Noelle survived, is well and strong and embraced by your love. I thank God for caring for your dear little one.


I can barely type through the tears.. What a story you had to share. I am so sorry you had to share it but so glad you did.

Tammy Willingham

Such a a wonderful story, I can't believe it's been a year. I'm a lurker but truly enjoy reading your blog. Not sure if you're a country music fan or not but there is a beautiful song out now by Kenny Chesney called "Don't Blink". Fits this story to a "T". Take a listen sometime if you've not heard it.

Julie M

I never knew the whole story until now.


What a precious life. God bless you all.


oh my gosh. i can't believe you went through all of that. :( how awful, poor sweet pumpkin! i'm glad she's better now. you are so strong, i just can't imagine.


Has it already been a year?! Amazing how quickly time passes. I will never forget your story. It was something I prayed so hard over. I am so happy that Noelle's story has such a happy HEALTHY end. Sweet girl. I pray she never has any health issues from this.


I'm a new reader and had no idea that your family went through this. What a beautiful post honoring your girl! She's so precious. Thanks for sharing this story.


What a tremendous tribute to the strength of your daughter! I absolutely loved the video, I felt it with my whole heart. Can you tell me the name of the song I love it?


I remember a similar experience. I will never see another conference room without feeling an overwhelming sense of loneliness. My husband and my mom were there for our doctor/advocate conference about our son, but everyone kept looking at me. Our conference was for us to decide how many heroic measures we wanted taken to keep our son alive. Our options were to do everything possible and most likely have a brain dead baby or to basically sign a DNR and let our son die. I looked EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the eye and told them I couldn't make that decision, that I wouldn't. Helpless is such a bland word for the feeling. Two days later they asked me the same question. Nurses and doctors were on pins and needles scared to do anything but scared to not do anything. A day and half later, he came around and I never had to make the decision. But I don't like conference rooms anymore...


Remember that day a year ago.....hard to believe it's been a year already. Your miracle baby girl. Bless her!


Bless you! Your family is so precious and they are so lucky to have such a wonderful momma.


I began crying as soon as you started this story and now I can't wait for my babies to wake up from their nap so that I can hug them. I have been reading your blog for so long I feel like I know you, your family has endured so much in the last year you are truely my hero.


in tears.... beautiful slide show. miss you!


What a beautiful little girl, and a story worth remembering. What a wonderful video tribute.


I too am crying. I'm so so glad that she and everyone else is ok. I have of course heard it many times before, but now I know the love we feel for our children is like no other.


Jess - you just truly amaze me. The video of Noelle made me cry, she is so beautiful and truly a miracle.

Thank you for sharing your feelings.



Oh how precious.

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