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Tuesday, 01 July 2008


Jill Bartlett

Oh my goodness - you have my sympathies! I somehow caught it 3 weeks ago (even tho neither of my kids have it) and I have not been that sick since I had chemo...it was HORRIBLE (I only had the large blisters in my mouth). I didn't even know that adults could get it. I'll be praying that your kiddos get over it soon and all are better.


Melis B

Ugh..you poor thing. That is one nasty virus. We had it over here one year and even I got it..and bad too. Sucks.

I hope you all getting feeling better soon!!!

Hugs to everyone~~


Oh no! That's no fun! Hope you all get healthy again soon. At least you had fun at your playdate, right? I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that no one else catches it!


I hope everyone feels better soon and I hope no one else gets sick! My daughter brought HF&M home from daycare...she didn't actually develop any symptoms but she passed it to me and my mother. Not fun! Thankfully it goes away quickly. Good luck!


oh no! i hope everyone is all better soon!


It seems like it is going around right now. I hope everyone feels better soon and no no one gets mouth sores - ouchies!!!


oh no! kinda funny how we have the mouth version, and your guys have the foot and hand (and bum) version. well, maybe "funny" isn't the right word. maybe "sucky" is.

sorry about spreading it via the internets. :P


Ewww! I hate that stuff. The first time was MUCH worse for us as well. The second time it went away very quickly. In fact, we haven't had it again in about 2 years. Great, now we'll get it! Take Care!


Agreed, hope recovery is soon! Hope someday I get a playdate invite, hint hint. Although I don't want to get sick, hee.


Oh No! I hope they recover soon. That's one thing we haven't gotten yet -- but now I'm sure we will since I said that. The baby and I are passing thrush/yeast infections back and forth but for the moment we are healthy. I hope it goes away quickly for all of you!

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